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  • Warrior Girl15

    So if you didn't know already, you can look on your profile and see which badges you've earned. Now depending on whether you've edited once or 1000 times, that'll affect where you're rank is. And you may have gotten The Healer Mage or Unicorn badge from making small edits or something bigger. And though I customized those two, I would like to customize the others too. And just so everything stays community, I would like you too upload pictures for the badges and suggest names.

    The ones that haven't already been customized are listed here:

    Making Your Mark - awarded for making 10 edits on articles

    Friend of the Wiki - awarded for 25 edits on articles

    Collaborator - awarded for making 50 edits on articles

    Wiki Builder - awarded for making 100 edi…

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  • Warrior Girl15

    I'm Back

    June 25, 2014 by Warrior Girl15

    I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to leave for that long, I'm so happy to see that people are editing again. All of the people who have been editing without logging in, you are a great help and please, making an account for wikia would just make my day. I didn't mean to take a 9 month hiatus, but I will be doing more things, the wiki still looks beautiful. I'm so glad to have help again.

    I know it might have seen like I abused my power as admin, but I will try to do better, I love this wiki and want it to be beautiful, but for the rest if the summer, the wiki will be put under construction and there will be changes, so hold on while it goes through this editing period.

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  • Warrior Girl15

    The Avalon Wki needs more contributors, I've been holding up on my own for a while now, Darwin doesn't look too good on it, and I'm struggling to keep it up. I'm an amateur and this is a challenge for my mind, so I'm asking people to come help, you don't have to be an expert, all you gotta know how to do is locate the help page, and copy & paste some things. Please someone help me.

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  • Warrior Girl15

    Oh my gosh! I'm an admin now! I'm so happy, I can do stuff now! I'll have to learn how to do stuff though, so I'll be learning how to use my special powers for a while.

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  • Warrior Girl15


    September 30, 2013 by Warrior Girl15

    I'm thinking of adopting this wiki. There's a lot of things that you can't do when you're just a regular user, and someone needs to be able to do those things. If adopting the wiki gives you be bureaucrat status, then you can grant administrator and bureaucrat status to other users. I think I'm eligible to adopt this wiki, there's only one bureaucrat on this wiki and she's been inactive for years, and I have more edits than anyone on this wiki. I think I want to do this. Warrior Girl15

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