Okay this might be my last blog post...the wiki is not letting me edit for some reason. I might make a new account if this becomes a problem and is not fixed by tomorrow.. but my badges will be gone. I can't earn back the picture ones because:

A. no scanner, so I can't send in my drawn work, which is actually pretty good

B. my computer-drawing skills are not so good, plus disk space is full

C. I earned the badges by submitting book covers in...that were already uploaded as options.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I CAN EDIT AGAIN, BUT I HAVE TO USE THE CLASSIC EDITOR! I'M STAYING! Also, I can edit books now, but I accidentally messed up the Song of the Unicorns page....I turned part of the text from orange to black. Does anyone know how to change it back???

ANOTHER IMPORTANT EDIT: I got the original editing system thing back, but I'm going to continue using classic editor, because for me, it's much easier when linking and just editing in general! 

HealingJewel73 (talk) 03:22, September 18, 2015 (UTC)sealionlover