Yay for me! I am now listed as a poweruser! If you want proof, go to the top of the screen where it says "Community" on a blue tab, scroll over that, go to Users and find my name (HealingJewel73) and it should say poweruser next to my name!

I didn't know what it was at first, but if your 

a. frequently on and making edits


b. have made over 140 edits in the last 60 days (who hasn't ._.)

but yay!

I also earned the Wiki Leader badge for 250 edits on the wiki. The 250th was on the page Indigo (I wanted to get the badge on that page so I devised a plan and it worked).


Should I make more questions? If yes, any suggestions??

I'm earning a new badge tonight (yes I'm certain of that) and that will be the Two Weeks on the Wiki badge. Yay, I'm getting a lot of golden badges! I now have 740 achievement points..I remember when I first saw Warrior Girl15's page and she had ten badges and I only had like, five, so in my mind I was saying OH IT'S ON and then managed to make my way to 8 badges. Two weeks ago me would be so proud of where I am now wipes tear

I may not be on October 2nd and 3rd, which is actually going to be bad because the highest badge you can get for being on everyday is one am I supposed to make that up!? Especially because the counter restarts when you miss a day! eyes computers

Thank ye for reading this olde blog post. 

Now I will use the Fred-Ex delivery system to get this taken to the Wiki central, typed and published. 

Toodaloo! ♥

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