Hello! ♥

I've been adding quite a few pages...but does anyone know Riannon's true colour? I REALLY want to create the page Riannon, but I can't because I don't remember ever reading it in Song of the Unicorns (which I have out from the library right now, but I'm re-reading Trial By Fire and the only book I am skipping was Spellsinger) and obviously I can't get it from Wikipedia, the Avalon Archive doesn't have it and none of my friends read the Avalon books (yet evil face)

Also, why in the world was Henry Gardener not a page?

Why is there two Dark Sorceress pages? (Dark Sorceress and The Dark Sorceress)

Why is there two Spider Witch pages? (Spider Witch and The Spider Witch)

greentypewriter, if you can somehow become an admin, delete the page The Spider Witch and one of the Dark Sorceress pages please.

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