Happy birthday to my mom!

I'm trying to keep my posts wiki-related, sorry for the real-life things that sneak into the blog.

Last night at about 11:45 P.M. (I stayed up late, oops.) I decided to edit Lyra because earlier that day I had created the pages Rynda and Olinde, but when I tried to edit Lyra before, I had the whole editing-problem-thing, and I ended up having to use the classic editor. But, I managed to edit Lyra a few hours later to link Rynda and Olinde to their pages and then all of a sudden, something pops at the right bottom corner of my screen!!!


Just kidding, it was the Lucky Edit badge! I had gotten it for the lucky 2,000th edit. Do you know who has the lucky 1,000th edit, because I looked at all the badges for people and none of them had it! Or is it just a typo and I actually did get the 1,000th edit? Oh well, who cares? 

Information I shall remember forever about the Lucky Badge

Date: September 17, 2015 at 11:45 P.M. 

Day: For my "Two Weeks on the Wiki" day counter it says 10, but I only joined to 9th, so I technically got the badge on the eighth day of my joining. Weird, right? 

Page: Lyra ! 

Edit made: Linked Rynda and Olinde to their pages!

Edit: My 157th article edit, my 201st general edit.

Badge: It was my 22nd badge!

2 Questions for Today!:

Which name do you think sounds nicer, Rynda or Olinde? I like Rynda to be honest.

What's your favorite sentence out of all the books (Warlock Diaries and Legend of the L.A.O.A. count too)? Mine is "Grrr," Lyra grred.

(Yes, I'm aware Jaquesworth said that on the Avalon Archive, but, hey, it's my favorite too!)