Happy Constitution Day! (If you're American ._.)

Today was my first band practice. Since most of us are beginners, instead of learning to play the whole instrument...we made birds squawks. It's a little excercise you can do with the mouthpiece, reed and ligature. You probably don't know what "ligature" means...oh..

Anyways, my friend is playing the trumpet and only two types of instruments will be blended together until we start getting ready for our night concerts. And clarinets will be blended with oboes or flutes, and trumpets + trombones are already blended...and plus my other friend whom I talk to more is just blindly following the first girl to become a trumpet simply so they can talk all throughout band class.... (loud, dramatic, fake crying).

also there is only one boy playing the clarinet???? I wonder why. too many kids are playing the clarinet, all the seats were full.

I have nothing else to say ♥ ☺

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