Tomorrow is my first band practice, at 9:45 A.M. and I can't wait! At the begining of our classes we're all split up (time-wise) because of our instruments. Clarinets (my instrument) are the second-earliest, trumpets and trombones are the earliest, at a whopping 9:05. OUR SCHOOLDAY STARTS AT 9:00.

I can't wait to be one of the kids on the bus who carries their instrument in with them, all the younger grades looking in wonder and amazement..... just kidding the younger grades are evil kids who care solely about themselves and wish to rip the popularity (and bus seats) from the older children. 

No questions for today, sowwy. 

I'm basically going to be brushing my hair for the rest of the day, it's ridiculously messy.


           P.S. Mary Poppins lied </3 A spoonful of sugar DOES NOT help the medicine go down. It helps the vomit come up C:

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