(Sorry for the double blog post, but I really want to ask more questions!!!!)

dear one reader,

Do you think Rachel/Charlotte is ever coming back?

We don't really have anyway to communicate with her, and even when her publisher's e-mail address was still available, it took about 1 1/2 years for her to contact some people. We don't have her address....I really want her to come back, but sadly, I don't think she will be missed !! 

Do you think that Rachel Roberts is actually Charlotte Fullerton?

Whenever I go on her social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) even though I don't even have any of those, it always just says Cry of the Wolf for Charlotte Fullerton, and there is no Rachel Roberts social media pages. The Avalon websites have last been posted on in I believe June 2013 or 2014. So maybe she is, or maybe Rachel Roberts is a pyseudoem <--- I TRIED) for a whole bunch of writers, and like in the Spirit Animals series (planning to read soon) a different author writes each book. But I think Rachel is just 1 person, possibly one named Charlotte.

When and how did you find out about Avalon: Web of Magic?

There's this virtual game that I still play, and some girl who also plays it read the series and made a little book trailer with the characters from the game and one of them had my name so I decided to read it. That was in spring 2015. Good thing I decided to read it because I love it and it's my favorite book series of all time. And good thing I watched that book trailer because all the other ones are sucktastic :).

Why did you chose to read this instead of just passing it by?


If you could have a magic jewel, what do you think it would look like?

I see myself as being a healer, even though I would probably be the blazing star (not trying to be all mary-sueish with the blazing star comment, but I only live with four animals and I only really interact with one of them, and I get tired easily so I'm definitely not the warrior), so I would see my jewel as probably a light green and white heart. Probably not when I first get it, and I'm 101% sure I'm not just going to randomly become a magical being who goes on a quest to save a whole magical world with 2 or 3 other girls. 

What would you do if Kara one day became a tomboy and Adriane a girly-girl?

I would die.

Your thoughts on Heather, Tiffany and Molly?

Tiffany is really-really SUCKTASTIC because I remember her making a comment on Emily in Secret of the Unicorn when Emily was having some troubles that looked like she was about to have a heart attack. Heather isn't that bad, but she and Tiffany DID make a comment on Emily in Circles in the Stream when she got all tied up in dog leashes. Plus they were calling Adriane the wolf girl or something like that. But Molly I like a whole lot more. I don't remember her making ANY comments in Circles in the Stream, and she was always really cautious so nobody would get hurt (Remember in...I think it was Trial By Fire she was saying "Are you sure this is safe?"). Only bad thing about Molly is that in All That Glitters when Kara came back from Ravenswood Molly put her hand to Kara's forehead said "Nerd with a touch of dweeb, needs some time with her homegirls." then laughed about it.

Do you think Kara is a mary-sue?

yes. yes. yes, I do. I mean seriously, she is sort of dating Lorren, kissed Donovan, and Logan seems to have a little bit of a crush on she is the "popular girl" and she's one of those "popular-girl-learning-non-popular-girls-aren't-so-bad-and-fashion-isn't-everything" kinda characters. I'm not saying I absolutely hate her, because I can find her very likeable at times, but in like, a love quadrilateral, is the kewl-popyoolur-gerl (I'm aware that's spelled wrong), it's mentioned she gets good yeah.

How did you feel when you found out Sierra was a mage?

The worst experience of my book-life. Healer-warrior mage with the blazing star element? Seriously? And then she get's a freaking PEGASUS as a bonded, meets a DRAGON the first day, already knows all this stuff about magic so it's just EASY for her. I would have really liked it a lot more as she was a helper mage with the fire element, but she's like a little bit of all 3 and that's just mary-sueish to me.

Alright so that's it....tell me if you like these questions because I really like typing them, post your answers below if you even see this!