Today is Back to the Future Day! Yippee?

(If you dont know, Back to the Future was a trilogy of movies, the first one in the 1980's. In the movie, they traveled forward in time to the day October 21, 2015. Many things that were made up in the movie to give it a more futuristic look, and multiple things in that movie actually became real things!)

Okay so back to topic. I am debating on making the pages Healer, Warrior, Blazing Star and Helper. They are all four of the mage types, though Ozzie isn't often referred to as a Helper mage. He was only once in the series, I think. So should I??? The names probably give away what they are, and Mage is a page..hey, that rhymes.

Let me know what you think. I recently made The Blue Roses. Even though they made a very minor appearance, if you look at any other book-wiki, maybe even any other fandom wiki, you will find pages for things that only appeared once and didn't have much importance. So, that's why I finally put them there.

Put that URL your search engine and look at that picture. So enchanting...I didn't even know that was in the name! I have never pictured the Blue Roses like that, but it is soooo pretty (in my opinion). I would LOVE a big bundle of those roses! Definitely got a favorite from me on deviantArt.

That, however ^ is how I always pictured the blue roses. Still pretty, though.

Sorry, my girliness got in the way! Forgive me!! 

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