I just realized Miranda and Lucinda are twins.

I could NEVER picture Miranda as a silver-blonde. I always pictured her as black-haired with black eyes, and you may be thinking "like Adriane" but no, I always think as her with white skin (sorry if that sounds racist, it's not meant to be!).

Lucinda, on the other hand, I pictured PERFECTLY. I could imagine the pretty facial expression (it says she used to be a beauty) and the blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. That's why it JUST struck me like, last week that they were twins. I acknowledged the fact that Miranda was blonde, but I refused to picture it that way.

Sylvan was...different. The name "Sylvan" always sounded really pretty and well..almost misty. Whenever I hear a name, I kind of picture it as a color. My own name I picture as pink (even though my favorite color is green). I always pictured Sylvan as a pretty-looking gray. So it was a little bit tough to picture her, unless she was in spider form when she actually DID have gray hair. Once described having auburn eyes and hair, it was a little easier to picture her.

I picture the name Lucinda as blue.

Miranda is brown/black.

Sylvan is gray.

Emily is pink (but when I picture Emily from the books, I picture green, weird, right?)

Adriane is also black

Kara is pink

and yeah. 

Those colors often have an effect on how I picture the character. No effect for Emily, even though it didn't describe her, I had read the back first and it said that she was a redhead so once that was put in my mind, since it was so early, before I even opened the book, that's how I could picture her.

If I picture a name some bright color, usually like blue or pink, I picture them as blonde. Good thing to because Lucinda and Kara are blondes.

If I picture the name a darker color, they usually have brown or black hair. Also good because Adriane is black-haired (she has olive skin, it gets on my nerves when I see people color her skin wrong, though I do picture her as white, is that weird?)

So yeah. Basically that's it.

EDIT: I have realized that a page that I created, Indigo, is now one of the most popular pages on the Wiki! I better start visiting it more often. :)

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