Okay, I know this will sound ridiculous.

So, you know how every mage has a magic jewel?

I have wanted to make up my own magic jewel for a while now. But I wanted it to be a real stone. Remember how Emily had an aventurine? It was mentioned in Circles in the Stream when Kara was looking in a rock book. It had healing properties. Remember Adriane had a tiger eye? Not sure if it has fighting/warrior properties, though. Those are both REAL JEWELS. 

I found a great website dedicated to healing jewels. They had all sorts of jewels with healing properties (not gonna use the real jewel terms to make this easier to read, lol). I decided I wanted a soft color. Like blue, green, white etc. White I decided not to do because the blazing star has a white unicorn horn. Green I could only find a dark version of, jade is connected with water, though. I would do aventurine, but plaigarism and all that. I think.

So these are the jewels I have narrowed it down to:

Jade (was not on website but you probably know what it looks like)



Blue Kyanite



I PROMISE WITH MY WHOLE HEART THAT NONE ARE LINKED TO VIRUSES, TUBGIRL, GOATSE OR LEMONPARTY. (don't ask, the last three are extremely disgusting pictures)

I'll say the "effects" each has on people. Sorry again if this is ridiculous.

Apophyllite improves your inner vision. As you improve, it lets you move up to higher realms.

Celestite I find extremely rich in beauty,'s basically just to connect with angels. Unless when it is tuned it connects with bondeds, probably no.

Blue Kyanite helps you recall dreams, have healing dreams, speak truthfully, and spiritual honesty. Also may help with letting spiritual energy flow to your thoughts. Eh, maybe not the BEST choice.

MOLDAVITE. It's use is amazingly perfect for a mage. PERFECT. It helps with change, the spirtual path (so if it wasn't a healing jewel, it could've been Adriane's, because of the Spirit Pack and all). And I quote from the website, "Once you begin the journey there will be no going back as Moldavite is a stone of transformation!" SEE? IT'S PERFECTPERFECTPERFECT!

Tanazanite is to help with spiritual growth, clairvoyance, clairaudience (physcic hearing) and many other physcic gifts.

PUH-LEEZ help me choose! I can't choose so please don't say "Well, it's what YOU want.". Thank you and kudos to you if you read all the way through! <3

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