Alright, so, I know probably no one will read this.

Dreamrunner11 hasn't really been active- but who knows.

TheGarnetHuntress/TheGreenTypewriter told me she has a lot of schoolwork keeping her busy

But if you guys do happen to read this, or someone new happens to join, I want you to know I am coming back, since I have gotten obsessed with other fandoms (Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus). 

I thought of doing this thing where I write my own book reviews, even though it's on a private document, but I remembered Avalon: Web of Magic and decided to throw Circles in the Stream in there. It came out pretty well.

I had tried to reread the books in the Fall, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My mom said that I just "wasn't interested" in the series anymore. But I really was! In fact, that's exactly why I couldn't read them


I do this thing where whenever I find a fandom I really love, I pace and run around to help me daydream them in different situations and universes. Sometimes, if I get REALLY attached to a fandom (coughcoughgravityfallscoughcough) that's all that I can daydream about- seriously. It's like my mind prevents me from daydreaming anything else.

And I had been, at that time, very in love with Avalon, so I always had the need to daydream about it. Weird, right? But I'm going to attempt to read the series again, since I no longer have that need and can sit still much longer (I can't sit still very long unless I'm reading, writing or drawing, so I had to improve that). But I stopped daydreaming about it so I could read the books, but that didn't work out well because then I felt like I shouldn't read the books at all. So I didn't!

I'd also like to be an admin since WarriorGirl15 hasn't really been active much, but I don't know..I mean, I have no idea how, and I read that you need a few people to "vote" you into the position? I really don't know. And I don't want to get anyone upset or angry if I do become an admin.

Here's something you might be wondering:

So, why exactly are you interested in the series again? It can't be just because you remembered it while writing reviews.

Well, when I thought of it, I remembered the captivating storyline. It sounds so interesting! Plus, I just kind of..want to, I guess? I've been watching lots of A:WOA videos and looking at A:WOA art to fuel this want.

Alright. I'm going to go now. It's 12:20 AM here and that is way to late, since I have school tomorrow. P.E. :(.

- HealingJewel73

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