Okay so I'm bored so I'm going to write some questi-questions..not too many I hope.

How do you feel about "Avalon: Shadow Warrior"?

k, I know I'm going to be hated by every Adriane fan on Earth (and maybe in Aldenmor too), but I'm not really excited or waiting for it to come out. I would DEFINITELY read it if it does come out, but I'm not like, on the edge of my seat for it. Now the Avalon movie is another thing... but still. "Shadow Master" "shadow magic" "mage academy" WAIT WHAT...OTHER MAGES BESIDES THE THREE, OZZIE AND SIERRA EXIST!??!?!?!?!?!? WHY AM I NOT ONE!?!?!?!?! !!!!!!!!

If Rachel died, what would you do?

Well, I would be REALLY sad because that small sliver of a chance she was coming back would be absolutely DEMOLISHED...but I would read every single book over again and leave some copies of them at her grave and destroy all the MLP pictures there. Plus, a person just DIED! Why would I not be sad, especially because it's someone who is so important in my life?

How has the Avalon books made an impact in your life? Has it even made an impact at all?

Well, yes, it's made a pretty big impact. Before that, I was a bookworm, but I was kind of slowing down with reading. But then, I discovered the Avalon books and got back into the beat of reading. It also taught me the sacrifices you have to make, even if they're risky, to help save someone else to clean out the darkness that still lingers in your own, and most importantly, for friendship. I wish every girl (and maybe a few boys if their into these kind of books, but I don't think a lot will be) could read the Avalon books and discover the true meaning of friendship. The "loners" can relate to Adriane, who gave up hope on friends after being whisked around from school to school, state to state, country to country, heck, even continent to continent! The "new kids" can relate to Emily, and realize that they're not going to be friendless forever if they just TRY to make friends with someone, even if the first ones act rude. The "popular girls" who help stereotype females more, can relate to Kara and realize that fashion and your rank on the popularity scale is certainly not yeah, I was kind of like Adriane, only I was not constantly being moved. 

Which has better covers, the original editions or the revised editions?

DEFINITELY the revised edition. I agree with the writers on the Avalon Archive (a website that does recaps that I visit VERY often), the original edition covers are just TERRIBLE. Blank eyes, open-mouthed stares, really-bad emotion showing, not to mention terrible drawing technique. Plus, the revised edition fills a lot of the plotholes by adding some really-honestly-better parts of the story.

Last Question for today!

Do you think you'll ever make friends by relating over Avalon? Why or why not?

My friends are mostly tomboyish (I am too but Avalon is an acception), so they would probably be like "ew gerlie stuf ew gros bleh how u red this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!" and if I asked anyone else in my school they'd be like "What's an Avalon? What's a fairy dragonfly? What's a mage? I'm confused, this makes no sense!!!!!!!". Although when I was getting out of fourth grade, I discovered Circles in the Stream in the fantasy book box. Maybe some lucky fourth grade girl will find it? Sadly it WAS the original edition :(

that's all for today, folks.

EDIT: I was just looking up so Avalon things, and I was on images and I noticed something about The Warlock Diaries (Volume 3, I think, it's the one with Kara on the cover) that close to her head is a GREEN dragonfly. SHE DOESN'T HAVE A GREEN DRAGONFLY! Unless it's one from Dragonfly Wrangling but...why would it all of a sudden be attracted to her magic and not before with the more important D-Flies?