The Warlock Diaries & Legend of the L.A.O.A.
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Edward Gan (part 1)
Shiei (parts 2 and 3, cover)
Allison Strom (omnibus cover)
Publication date June 2009 (part 1)
October 2009 (part 2)
March 2010 (part 3)
December 2010 (omnibus)
Published by Seven Seas
Publication Order
Preceded by
Heart of Avalon
Followed by
Dark Mage
Avalon- The Warlock Diaries

Avalon: The Warlock Diaries

Avalon: The Warlock DiariesEdit

When a monster attacks, Team Magic is on it. The problem, they can't defeat it. They have tried everything, but when a new boy shows up, and makes the monster shrink into a little cute animal, they know he's magical. So what could be the problem? They're not sure if he's good. If he's good, he could be a big part of the quest for Avalon, or he could ruin everything they've worked for.


Emily Fletcher - Healer Mage

Adriane Charday - Warrior mage

Kara Davies - Blazing Star Mage

Ozymandius "Ozzie" - Ferrelf

Donovan - Warlock

Frizzle - Donovan's bonded

Crumble - Donovan's father's minion

Legend of the L.A.O.A.Edit

A three part short story about Sierra, Zachariah and Tasha. When they meet strange animals, that don't speak their language, they know there's something unusual is going on. These animals are unlike any others that they've seen before, their unlike anything anyone alive has seen before.


Sierra Sanchez - Healer/Warrior mage

Zachariah - Dragon mage

Tasha - Goblin sorceress

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