A girl with rainbow hair

Kara with Blaze, Fiona, Fred, Barney and Goldie

The Dragonflies (or D-Flies for short) are bonded to the Blazing Star Kara Davies. They are blue Fred, purple Barney, red Fiona, orange Blaze, and Kara's favorite golden Goldie.

The D-Flies are bubbly, curious, playful, independent, and true and loyal friends, although they can be pesky but they never mean any real harm, and they are very useful as well. When the mages split up and use the D-Flies to stay in contact, Fred always partners up with Adriane while Fiona does so with Emily, and Goldie with Kara.

They were inspired by the Gliders and Windy the dragonfly in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.


Together, the D-Flies have the power to create a portal between worlds, mostly from Earth to Aldenmor, or even a portal to teleport to different locations; they can teleport to different worlds on their own and always come when Kara calls. They are also useful as they serve as magical communicators (the mages speak into their bellies and they can hear the repliers' voices from the Dragonfly's mouth).

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