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Team Magic is the the three mages, their bondeds, and the magical creatures who help them at Ravenswood Preserve. They are:

The Mages Edit

Bond(s): As the Healer, Emily is bonded to all animals, though she is very close to Ariel, a snowy owl, Phel, a fairy creature, Lorelei, the unicorn, Riannan, a unicorn princess, and Ozzie, an elf disguised as a ferret. Paladin: Indigo, better known as "Indi", originally a shapeshifting Power Crystal, he settled into the form of a Unicorn Stallion to bond with Emily.

Bond(s): The mistwolves Stormbringer & Dreamer, and Drake the red dragon Paladin: Stormbringer

Bond(s): The D-Flies, and Lyra the magic cat Paladin: Starfire the Firemental Stallion

  • Ozzie

Bond: Himself (debated) Paladin: Phelonius the Fairy Creature

Bond: Drake the red crystal dragon, Wind Dancer (deceased)

The magical helpers Edit

Allies Edit

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