The girls and Tasha

Tasha with the mage girls (along with Storm and Lyra)

Tasha is the Goblin Court Sorceress who was formerly an assistant to the Goblin Court Sorcerer Tangoo. Tasha became the sorceress when Tangoo's dark intentions were revealed by Kara and her own long time friend Lorren. She helped the mages find the power crystals to open the Gates of Avalon.

In Legend of the L.A.O.A., she has an apprentice named Dorchester, although often referred to as "Dorrie".

Tasha was inspired by Derek in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Original official description Edit

  • Appearance: Goblin teen girl. Green skin, midnight black hair.
  • Personality: Intelligent, resourceful, creative.
  • Magic: Invents unusual magical devices. Working knowledge of magic and science.
  • Facts: Goblin Court Sorceress. Was Tangoo’s assistant. Lorren’s childhood friend.

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