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Stormbringer (or just Storm) is ao white female mistwolf. She is the first bonded of Adriane and is also her paladin. Storm was inspired by Thunderbolt from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Stormbringer Adriane

Stormbringer with Adriane

Stormbringer had escaped the Dark Sorceress, and was thought to be the last of her kind. Adriane became a mage when she bonded with Storm. Storm is very wise and strong, and though she lives on Earth, she is part of the Mistwolf pack, like Adriane.

In Trial by Fire, Stormbringer is thought to have died due to the Black Fire. It is revealed in Ghost Wolf that Storm was not dead, but stuck in mist form since Trial by Fire.

Official description Edit

  • Magic: Elemental earth. Spirit of Ravenswood.
  • Appearance: Powerful mistwolf with silver fur that fades to white. Golden eyes rimmed in charcoal.
  • Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Selfless.
  • Facts: Bonded to Adriane. Sacrificed herself to save the mistwolf pack from the Dark Sorceress.
Stormbringer character

Character sheet for the animated series

Appearances Edit

In Circles in the Stream, Stormbringer is first seen with Adriane. Storm is not seen much in All That Glitters, because it is centered around Kara meeting her first bondeds.

In Cry of the Wolf, Storm joins the mistwolf pack of Aldenmor, because she was so happy to see more of her kind, since she thought they were extinct. Adriane goes to Aldenmor to try and get her best friend back.

In Secret of the Unicorn, Storm goes with Emily and Ozzie to see what the "monster" is.

In Trial by Fire, when coming to Aldenmor, they battle the Dark Sorceress, and the mistwolves refuse to leave because they are stopping the black fire from spreading. Emily cleans the magic, but Storm is caught in the rubble.

In Ghost Wolf, Stormbringer was discovered to not be dead, but stuck in mist form since Trial by Fire. Storm also becomes the spirit of Ravenswood, and Adriane's paladin. The ghost wolf is not Storm, but Chain.

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