Ravenswood Preserve
About ravenswoodmap
A map of Ravenswood
Location Stonehill, Pennsylvania, Earth
Inhabitants Adriane Charday
Nakoda Charday
Aldenmor refugees

Ravenswood Preserve is a wildlife preserve for animals and is secretly a refuge for magical creatures. The owner is a man named Henry Gardener who mysteriously disappeared, leaving Adriane's grandmother Nakoda as the de facto caretaker.

Ravenswood is the site of many happenings and events in the series as the mages work together to protect magical creatures and defend the preserve from the evil of the Dark Sorceress.

There are several locations in the preserve, as follows:

  • Ravenswood Manor
  • The Sculpture Gardens
  • The Rose Gardens
  • The Topiary Gardens
  • The Water Gardens
  • Adriane's House
  • The Mist Trail
  • Wolf Run Pass
  • The Hedge Maze
  • Turtle Bog
  • Swan Lake
  • Swan Lake Trail
  • Rocking Stone
  • Mirror Lake
  • Hidden Falls Trail
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Owl Creek Bird Sanctuary
  • Deer Meadow
  • Magic Glade
  • The Portal Field


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