Lorren first appears in All's Fairy in Love and War. When he disguised as the Forest Prince, he saves Kara from magic hunters. She later meets him as the Goblin Prince, but doesn't realize it's him. She discovers his true identity at a fairy rave, when Goldie the dragonfly removes his black Forest Prince mask. He later introduces her to Tasha, his friend and goblin sorcerer Tangoo's assistant. Kara abandons him in the Spider Witch's lair on their search for the Blue Rose, believing that he is only using her to gain magic. However, he proves himself to her by helping fight Tangoo and win the power crystals. In Heart of Avalon, Lorren is helping construct The Garden on Aldenmor, and joins the mages to search for Emily. In Dark Mage, he helps the mages and Tasha locate the missing power crystals.

He seems to have a crush on Kara, and is friendly with Adriane, Emily, and Zach. He initially dislikes Marlin, but his feelings improve by the end of Heart of Avalon, as Marlin loses his selfish and annoying attitude. Lorren also has a gigantic goblin-bat he rides that is named Nightwing.

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