Kyle Davies Kyle is Kara's older brother, a practical joker, and he often hangs with his friends Joey and Marcus.

Kevin Deacon Kevin is a fifteen-year-old who works part-time for Dr. Fletcher and Emily , helping take care of the animals in Emily's Pet Palace hotel. He has sandy blonde hair, he's easygoing, and like Emily he cares for and loves animals.

Dr. Carolyn Fletcher Dr. Fletcher is Emily's mother and a veterinarian. She and Emily are very close, they both love taking care of animals, and often work together to help make Dr. Fletcher's patients better. She can be a little strict with Emily but she has her best interests at heart, and somestimes calls Emily Doc even though Dr. Fletcher is the doctor.

David Fletcher David is Emily's dad, but he divorced with Carolyn sometime before the beginning of the series for reasons unknown and remarried with an art curator named Veronica, without even inviting Emily to the wedding. In "Song of the Unicorns " David invited Emily and her friends to New Mexico, partially for Emily to meet her stepmother. It is known that when Emily was younger, she and David would practice music together; he played a saxophone while she played a silver flute. It is mentioned he is a scientist but never revealed what his specialty is.

Veronica Fletcher Veronica is Emily's stepmother. She works as an art curator with a fashion style that easily rivals Kara's. Emily was uncomfortable around her when they first met, but as time passed, Emily saw that Veronica truly loved her dad, and gave her a chance.

Silver Eyes is the mother of Moonshadow and adoptive mother of Zachariah whom she calls Little Wolf, the "mother-in-law" of Dawnrunner , and grandmother of her and Moonshadow's two pups. During one of Zach's bids aginst the Dark Sorceress for revenge, Silver Eyes and some other mistwolves were captured and imprisoned in the sorceress's dungeons. Some time later, Adriane wound up in the same predicament and helped them all escape. Silver Eyes was reunited with her sons, her pack, and happily celebrated Zach's birthday.

Texas Slim Texas Slim is Sierra's uncle and runs the Happy Trails Horse Camp with her.

Winddancer Winddancer, or Windy, was a griffin, orphaned at a young age when he bonded with a fellow orphan, a human named Zachariah, and together they served the Fairimentals for several years. When they met the Warrior Mage, Adriane Charday (which was also Zach's first time seeing another human other than himself), they were soon attacked by hordes of gargoyles and other dark creatures as they fled to the Fairimentals . Sadly, Winddancer was gravely injured and died saving his bonded and their new friend.

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