Full Circle
Full Circle (12)
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date March 2010 (print)
May 2014 (e-book)
Published by Seven Seas (print)
Premier Digital Publishing (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Dark Mage
Followed by


At the conclusion of Dark Mage, Emily came back to earth, quiet, and trying to recover from the dark magic inside of her. But what traumatized the Healer the most, was the fact that her best friend was gone. She now felt what Adriane felt when she lost her she-wolf. But Emily's feeling was worse, for she had killed the little elf. Ozymandius was dead. Emily has no time to sulk around, with Sylvan and Miranda, different evil plans, both destroying the web.


Emily Fletcher - Healer Mage

Adriane Charday - Warrior mage

Kara Davies - Blazing Star Mage

Ozymandius "Ozzie" - Ferrelf

Sylvan - The Spider Witch, wants to rue weave the web

Miranda - The Dark Sorceress, poisons animals

Zachariah - Dragon mage

Lorren - Goblin prince

Esmerelda - elf, Ozzie's "girlfriend"

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