The Fairimentals are elemental beings with fairy magic. They are protectors of Aldenmor, the Magic Web, and Avalon.

They each are composed of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Fire, though the Firemental, who is the most powerful, does not associate with the other three. The Fairimentals are tied to Aldenmor and cannot stay in other worlds, like Earth, for extended periods of time.

  • Marina is the Fairimental of Water
  • Ambia is the Fairimental of Air
  • Gwigg is the Fairimental of Earth

Earth Fairimental Edit

One of the four elemental guardians of Aldenmor, the Earth Fairimental is made of magic rooted deep into the elements of earth. It takes form using bits of rock, twigs, and trees. Like all Fairimentals, the Earth Fairimental's magic is tied to Aldenmor and can only appear on Earth for very short periods of time.

Water Fairimental Edit

Wind Fairimental Edit

The Wind Fairimental takes form by using wind. She was the first Fairimental who appeared on Earth.

Firemental Edit

The most powerful and dangerous of the Fairimentals, the Firemental only appears in the most dire and desperate situations. Made completely of elemental fire, it is unstable, unpredictable, and extremely rare.

Experimental Fairimental Edit

They created the Emperimental Fairimental, Tweek, who can stay on Earth for far longer then they themselves can, with the purpose of his creation to help the Mages.

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