When hatched from its egg

Drake is a Red Crystal dragon who imprinted on Adriane Charday, considering her to be his mother since she was the first living thing he saw after he hatched. He is also bonded to Zachariah, who he shares most of his time with.

Drake first appeared as a rock that Adriane found, the rock behaving something like a puppy and moving on its own. Upon washing it, Adriane discovered how brightly it was colored, which changed to reflect its emotions, and learned it was really a dragon egg.

The egg imprinted on Adriane. A dragon imprints on the first thing it sees, and considers it to be it's mother or father. Adriane named him Drake and found an extremely rare dragon stone in the remains of his egg, which she gave to Zach as a birthday present, making him a mage with Drake as his bonded.

Drake is very playful, utterly loyal, and although he grows big, acts like a big baby and loves his "mama" Adriane and his bonded Zach.

Drake's name comes from Drake in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

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