The Dark Sorceress is the main antagonist of the series. Her first name is Miranda, though she is rarely called that. The Dark Sorceress is a corrupted mage and was actually one of the chosen Mages before Emily, Adriane, and Kara.

She first appears in All That Glitters, on Kara's computer screen, but is mentioned in Circles in the Stream. Miranda formerly ruled over the Shadowlands and the Otherworlds. She also formerly worked with the Spider Witch.

Miranda became the Dark Mage out of her and her sister's Party. Driven by jealousy, and her twisting the meaning of the Prophecy of Avalon, she killed her bonded, Faylinn, and took her magic, twisting her own magic dark and eventually changing her into the Dark Sorceress.

She was inspired by both Lady Kale and Morgana from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Background Edit

Dark soceress

The Sorceress in the books

Miranda had always been jealous of her twin sister, Queen Lucinda. This was further fueled when she found out that the Avalon Prophecy of Three was actually the Prophecy of one (or the Prophecy of the Dark Mage). When Sylvan, the Healer, Lucinda, the Blazing Star, Henry, the Helper Mage, Faylinn, and Mirnanda were standing at the Gates of Avalon, she turned on them and hid the power crystals. Faylinn tried to stop her Bonded, but Miranda murdered her. She imprisoned Lucinda in the astral planes, where she has been for the series, and turned Sylvan (the Spider Witch) into a grotesque fusion of woman and spider.

Her efforts were in vain and she was left with nothing but her knowledge of magic, and an insatiable hunger for power. The Dark Sorceress forsook her prior identity and began her reign of terror on Aldenmor by capturing magical animals to feed on their magic and increase her power.

Magic and minions Edit

Dark Sorceress brimbee

The Dark Sorceress in the animated series

The Dark Sorceress created an evil substance called Black Fire which corrodes, burns, and poisons. Despite its name, Black Fire is really a green poisonous substance that corrodes like acid.

The Sorceress is usually seen with Shadow Creatures, magical animals that she has turned to dark magic and enslaved. To turn back to original form, they must be healed, though it is difficult. Even though their magic is dark, their only weakness is Dark Magic itself.

Relationships Edit


The Dark Sorceress with Kara

Afer creating the Spider Witch, the Dark Sorceress then took her in and taught her the arts of Dark Magic. She soon sent her off into a prison-like lair until she needed her many years later to try and destroy the current Mages.

The Dark Sorceress became fixated on Kara Davies, the current Blazing Star, and became determined to make her the next Dark Mage and her apprentice. However, her plan had failed when Emily Fletcher was turned by the Spider Witch.

Her evil minions include the Skultum and the Manticore. She also employs Bulwoggle and Goblin mercenaries.

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