Map of Aldenmor
Map of Aldenmor
Location Aldenmor
Inhabitants Dark Sorceress

Aldenmor is another world much like Earth where magic thrives, and a frequent setting for many events in the series. It is home to many magical creatures, good and evil, including the Fairimentals and the Dark Sorceress.

It is the world from which Ozzie originated. Several other major characters from Aldenmor include Zach and Marlin.

Aldenmor was inspired by Avalon and the other realms from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Noteworthy locations are:

  • Ice Islands
  • The Frozen Tundra
  • Mountains of Glass
  • The Fairy Glade
  • Gnome Home
  • Moorgroves
  • Farthingdale
  • Dream Lake
  • Cimarron Plains
  • The Anvil
  • Aquatania
  • The Shadowlands
  • Misty Marshes
  • Dumbledowns
  • Arahoo Wells
  • Silver Forest
  • Wizard's Crossing
  • Boggle Bog
  • The Hook
  • Secret Forests
  • Port Berry
  • Lost Mountains
  • Salt Sea
  • Fire Desert
  • Crystal Peaks
  • Snake Rivers
  • Southern Plains
  • Twilight Jungle
  • Port Tuga
  • Giant's Footpath
  • Pirate's Cove


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